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How to Study Effectively at Home During an Online Pandemic

Study hard effective

Free Pedia - Learning is necessary activity that must be done by everyone, not only students. Learning is a process to become aware of something that is being learned.

During this time of the current pandemic, learn everything using online platforms or online. All schools are conducted remotely using online meeting platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

What needs to be understood is the ease of learning in this school makes children lazy and doesn't even understand what they are learning about teacher delivery materials.

Therefore, so that children understand the lessons presented by the teacher. Children must apply tips on how to learn effectively during a pandemic.

Tips on How to Study Effectively during the Covid-19 Pandemic

1. Open-minded
Open minded is an open attitude that accepts how the times change with a good way of thinking regardless of whether change is bad. Open-minded will make someone synergize and be more advanced in life changes that are always moving dynamically.

An open mind is very important for the thinking of students studying at this time of the pandemic. Due to changes in learning habits, students must always adapt to new normal changes. Therefore, an open-minded attitude is needed so that students can live sincerely and can learn well without any burden constraints.

2. Determine Passion
Passion is something that becomes a dream or desire to be achieved. Passion can be achieved if someone can strive continuously without giving up.

Now that attitude is useful in this pandemic era, where many students give up and give up on the existing Covid-19 pandemic conditions. Not only students, many adults have given up on what they are facing during this pandemic.

Passions that have been determined according to skills and interests must continue to be fought for and pursued. The difficulty of achieving a passion that you continue to fight for is tiring. But a successful person is a person who has gone through various obstacles that make you tired, but don't give up.

3. Collaboration
Collaboration is learning together or in groups. In addition to adding relationships and friends, collaboration will make it easier for students to understand learning together because it will help each other to explain and understand together.

4. Read more
In order for online learning during this pandemic to be more useful and optimally useful, then use your spare time by reading books or useful information. You can also learn via video on YouTube channels or other platforms with parental supervision.

This is an article on how to learn effectively during a pandemic that must be done by students, so that they can continue to learn and gain useful knowledge.

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