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Early Childhood Character Education Must Be Instilled To Form Achieving Youth


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Free Pedia - Early childhood character education is very important in shaping children's attitudes and behavior since childhood. As parents, the hope of all children is to make children who are good and devoted to their parents and useful for others, of course it is very much expected by all parents. This is because the character the building of the child must be honed continuously so that it becomes a habit and becomes a behavior that is inherent in the child's character.

Traits that must be eliminated in children's character education

1. Arrogant

The arrogant nature must be eliminated in children from childhood. Being arrogant can result in being shunned by his friends and later being bullied by his peers. Therefore, parents are obliged to practice a sense of humility towards others when their children are young, so that they understand each other and do not demean others.

2. Judge yourself

This trait often occurs in children, and even adults. Self-judgment usually occurs when someone experiences resulted that don, 't match expectations or makes mistakes. As a result of this self-judgmental nature, it will lead to ongoing stress or major depression and a loss of self-confidence. Therefore, cultivating character to keep fighting and having confidence must be applied to children, so that, they always believe that the opportunity will always be there, if they keep trying.

3. Disrespect for others

This trait is a very common in children. Indeed, children at a young age have high individualistic characteristics, therefore parents must teach from an early age to always respect and respect others. So that one day, when the child has entered adolescence and even adulthood, he always respects others wherever and whenever, which in the end also has a positive impact on the child himself.

Recognizing Children's Intelligence

In shaping good children's character, parents must first recognize children's intelligence so that children's character development can be shaped through their respective intelligence. The following are children's intelligence, among others:

- Linguistic intelligence

This type of linguistic intelligence focuses on the ability to think by reading, communicating, and writing activities. This type of intelligence is a very prominent in composing stories, composing words, giving speeches and being active in discussion activities.

- Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

This type of child's intelligence is closely related to numbers and logic in understanding various patterns that exist in life. This type of intelligence has several abilities in problem solving, likes to experiment, do puzzles or riddles, and is adept at analyzing situations.

- Spatial Visual Intelligence

This type of intelligence is closely related to images, shapes, colors, patterns, textures, and designs. Children who have this intelligence will be adept at expressing something in drawings, visualization and imagination very well.

- Kinesthetic Intelligence

Children who have this intelligence are generally very prominent in the fields of dance, sports and other activities. They express their intelligence through body language. And children who have this intelligence like games that must use physical skills.

- Interpersonal Intelligence

The intelligence of this type of child is the ability to have social relations with other people, especially with their peers. Children who have this intelligence do not feel shy.

- Intrapersonal Intelligence

This type of children's intelligence tends to have intelligence in managing their emotions. Children who have this intelligence generally prefer alone time used in expressing themselves by training their ability to practice their creativity.

- Musical Intelligence

This type of children's intelligence is owned by children who have expertise in the field of music, for example, experts in the types of musical instruments and vocal processing. Some children who have this intelligence can become music maestros at a very young age.

Tips for shaping early childhood character education at home

It should be noted that character education for children starts at home. Home and family becomes the primary or first socialization and become important things in children's development.

If the family is harmonious and good, the children's attitudes and behavior tend to be easy to regulate and obey. On the other hand, if the socialization at home is bad, the children will tend to have bad qualities. However, not all of them are the same, some children from broken home families can become successful people in the future.

Some ways parents should do for their children include:

• Parents as teachers and mentors must first exemplify good attitudes and behavior.

• Parents must understand the child better

• Parents should not yell too loudly in educating children, so that children obey. Give understanding and experience.

Meaning if the child makes a mistake.

• Teach socialization with the surrounding environment.

• Accompany and supervise children in watching entertainment in the form of films.

• Give an understanding of religion from an early age, so that children have good spirituality and stay away from prohibitions that are not to be done.

• In addition, parents must also limit the use of smartphones to children, for example to play games or just stream cartoons.

The study, which was published, entitled The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, involved approximately 4,500 children from the United States, ranging in age from 8 to 11 years.

The reason is the results show that only 37 percent of children use gadgets according to the time limit, namely 2 hours or less in one day, and only 18% only use gadgets in 60 minutes. The rest use gadgets more than the recommended time limit.

In the results of this study that the developmental power of children to socialize and learn is taken by the use of gadgets which are increasingly sophisticated.

This is of course very influential in the child's mindset. Therefore, the researchers suggest that children are not given a gadget in the excess time because it will reduce the cognitive power of the child himself. Therefore, early childhood education is very important, right?

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