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Explanation of the Benefits of Creative Writing Hobbies for Students and College


Free Pedia - Writing will train the creative power in the brain. Why train creative power? Because if someone does writing activities without plagiarism that person will think of vocabulary that must be assembled into a writing that is useful to the public.

Benefits of Writing Hobby

1. Train creativity

Writing will also stimulate the brain to work on arranging words which are later assembled into articles and other media. The more accustomed of writing good and weighty writing, the skills in writing will also automatically increase.

2. As an investment.

It is stated that making good and correct writing is a work that can be used as an investment. Investments are not only related to assets but also in the form of writing that has been made. The writings that have been made can be uploaded via blog spot media and other media. 

3. Build personal branding.

Writing can increase personal branding too. Why is that? Because so that the work that has been made can be posted through a free blogger platform, for example from Blogger or WordPress.

4. As a source of income

If a person who likes writing, can write his hobby through personal blogs, writing short stories or novels and other literature. It is necessary to know that writing hobby can generate your rupiah coffers. If your blog is registered with AdSense and is accepted, your blog and writing will also generate rupiah coffers. Or another alternative, you can also provide writing service or type articles on several freelance portals such as Fiverr, Sribulancher, Vira and other websites. Alternative writing services are very profitable and the income is decent, the higher the quality of your writing, the higher the writing fee will be. Many freelance writers and book writers are successful, as long as they always practice their writing skills and always keep learning. 

5. Share knowledges

One of the benefits of writing is sharing knowledge. Indeed, not all writing is useful, but if you use it to share useful knowledge for everyone, you will also get a good reward that you will get.

That's a discussion about the benefits of a hobby of writing. Because the admin gets many benefits, that's why the article Explanation of the Benefits of Creative Writing Hobbies for Students and College is written so that students and students can produce work that is useful for themselves and others and become a side or main income to become a child who is an independent, not dependent on parents.

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